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royal-crownRoyal Crown E cig looks, feels, and tastes just like a real cigarette, brining you all the goodness of tobacco smoking, minus all the harmful carcinogens, Royal Crown lets you enjoy and smoke your favored flavored electronic cigarette anytime, anyplace. Say good bye to restrictions!

For a limited time only while supplies last, Royal Crown is offering their FREE 14-day Free Trial Offer! Pay for only basic shipping and handling of $4.95 and get to enjoy the following e-cig essentials: 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 1 USB charger, 5 full flavored nicotine cartridges, 1 designer display box, and 1 plastic travel case. Get all these for FREE with Royal Crown Free Trial Offer today! Make sure to read the terms of this offer at the checkout!



Overview of E Cigarettes

Use of tobacco continues to fall from grace as a large number of people have started using the electronic cigarettes. It is actually a personal inhaler where a liquid solution is vaporized into mist thereby you experience actual tobacco smoking. You might come across the advertisements announcing the distribution of free e cigarette and be a part of cessation program. When you light a cigarette, the tobacco burns and releases the nicotine into your blood stream, whereas, the e cigarette bypasses the requirement of tobacco completely. There is no flame or fire, you will not be living with yellow teeth and tobacco smell all around you and most importantly, there is not harmful tar. The electronic cigarettes mimic the smoking experience of the conventional cigarettes. Some consider this use to be a viable solution to the smoking cessation therapy too.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

ecigarettecomponentsThe e cigarette when puffed releases a small dose of nicotine and water vapor. Generally, all the e cigarettes being marketed have three parts, the plastic cartridge which is the mouthpiece with a small space for the liquid, an atomizer for vaporizing the liquid and the battery. Sometimes a piece of sponge is placed in the mouthpiece to keep the liquid in place. A small heating coil is placed in the atomizer to vaporize the liquid and positioned in between the three components. The coil has a simple filament and wick which draws the liquid into it. However, the filament either burns out completely or its efficiency reduced over long usage due to sediment buildup. Some models have both the cartridge and the atomizer integrated but companies do not offer free e cigarette is such models for the cessation program. The battery is generally the rechargeable lithium – ion based. These batteries can be charged through the car charger socket, USB or an AC outlet. The liquid is mostly the propylene glycol solution or vegetable glycerine and is available in some specific flavours.

Switching to electronic cigarettes is significantly quite cheaper to the conventional cigarettes. Many electronic cigarette manufacturers have started a campaign for users to switch to electronic cigarettes with their free samples and free trial offers. This free e cigarette trial offer is primarily to make the users understand the health benefits of using the electronic cigarettes along with it is a cheaper alternative. Also, this electronic cigarette industry is quite young and not many users are aware of its use and benefits entirely. Hence, to make people aware of the availability of such a product in the market for those who want to quit the tobacco based cigarettes, electronic cigarette manufacturers have been offering e-cigarettes as samples, on a trial basis, which is absolutely free of charge.

Getting Started with Free Electronic Cigarette Samples

This offer of a free e cigarette is to allow the conventional cigarette smokers to check the product during the trial period. However, this free trial period and sample offers come with a request tryecigsto enroll themselves in the e cigarettes re-billing program. But the enrollment is not mandatory to sample the product. As a trial user, you can opt out of the trial offer at any time without any hassle. Those smokers, who want to seriously switch over to e cigarettes would continue with the sample and trial offer and are enrolled into the re-billing program. The e cigarette manufacturers now provide such smokers with facilities like replacing the e cigarette cartridges as per schedule which is generally on a weekly basis or monthly basis. The manufacturers deliver the replacements at your desired location which is very convenient as you need not venture out to the retail stores for such replacements.

Some of the e cigarette companies also offer under the free e cigarette trial offer, a guaranteed 30-day money offer. You may like to sample the e cigarettes over the conventional cigarettes and in case you do not like the product, the company would pay back your amount. Some companies that we recommend can be But this policy of money back guarantee comes with a simple rider. You need to purchase such a product from the company's official website and confirmation of product being received by you. Such companies offer the free e cigarette starter kit which has generally five e cigarettes with a display box and travel case. However, when you register yourself with such a company for the free e cigarette trial and sample offer, you would have to pay for the shipping costs. However, the shipping costs are not very high and largely depend on the place of delivery from the company's warehouse.

How to Choose E Cigarettes

People that are trying to stop smoking may be interested in knowing, how to choose e cigarette and which ones is right for them. Well, let us explain the benefits of e cigarettes, and why people that are trying to stop smoking should start using them. First of all, eCigarettes only contain nicotine, so you won't have to worry about carcinogens and toxins that is normally found in tobacco cigarettes.

choosingecigYou can control the amount of nicotine that you inhale from electronic cigarettes by choosing nicotine free base refills, or cartridges and refills that come in low, medium and high grades. vapor cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors. You can choose from conventional tobacco flavors and other unconventional flavors such as ylang, ylang, blackcurrant, lotus flower, herbs de Provence, bubble-gum, smoky bacon, roast chicken and beef.

Electronic cigarettes won't stain your teeth and fingers or leave cigarette burns. They don't leave lingering odors and you can legally smoke them in public places. The best place to find eCigarettes is on the Internet. Do some research on the best types of eCigarettes that are on the market today. We suggest investing in a starter pack, if you're having a difficult time choosing the type of e cigarette that suites you needs. They are less costly, and you can experiment with different types of e cigarettes until you find one that you really like. We encourage you to read our suggestion on what to look for when buy e cigs.

When you do find one that you like, make certain that you do not have to frequently replace the cartridges and atomisers. This way you can save money on buying refill cartridges for your electronic cigarette. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on the care and maintenance of your eCigarette. You can also buy e cig kits and they usually include two lithium-ion batteries that are disposable. The best e cigarettes usually last all day, but if you need to recharge the battery it only takes about two hours.

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